It makes NO sense

This rabbi’s premise is a negative to the FREEDOM of a human, as a living , breathing, free will THINKING creature.

No matter what, he is still presenting the OBEISANCE, , the BOWING to a MASTER, and the elite, self appointed AUTHORITY , that claims to represent the MASTER.

This will bring world PEACE? NEVER!

No group of humans will EVER accept ONE choice , of anything, curiosity and trying new things or ideas, is deeply rooted in the human DNA, and is largely responsible for our evolution to the top of the ladder, as animals.

Proof of this is as easy as watching a toddler crawl. Why does that toddler feel the NEED, the thought, the INSTINCT to crawl and explore it’s world? And , what is the reaction, when the toddlers explorations are controlled and oppressed ? Crying and dismay. This is basic, natural human behavior..across all social, cultural, religious and political divides.

Our biological makeup is NOT geared for “slavery”, it geared for learning, exploring, and the freedoms to do so.

If there is a “god”, that created all and everything, why would this god have created a human to evolve above ALL other animal creations, only to become SLAVES to it, like lower animals? This make NO common sense, in any way, shape or form.

The entire premise of ANY monotheistic doctrine, is completely the reverse of a “loving, caring and benevolent “god”. Instead, they all worship , praise and bow to a MASTER, as slaves…to OBEY the MASTERS LAWS.

No. ONE SET of LAWS by any MASTER will be 100% accepted, by 100% of the global population, which will lead to punishments, which leads to animosity and hatred, which leads to revolt.

NOT world PEACE !


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