Response to humans being “flawed”.

I guess I’m just personally opposed to words like “flawed” for how it has been overused by groups I find to be some of the most ignorant, ill informed humans alive..

I hold that a word like flawed, implies there is perfect version of what is being labeled as flawed. Known physics dictates, there is nothing in a stable, perfect or predictable state, in the quantum world. One could say, the chaos within the fundamental building blocks of all known matter is “flawed”, but it somehow ends up being all we know and see. I choose to view it as…”it is what it is” , there is no point in attempting to qualifying it, due to too many facets we simply do not understand. It’s all relative.

That’s why I like to refer to Feynman. He said it was all very nice, the awards and kind words people would say about his work, but it does not make him smart, or more intellectual than anyone.

I think one example he pointed out was he had limited musical talent, a concert musician has vastly more talent and knowledge than himself. Am I any smarter for being good at my job , than that musician being good is at his/her job. Then he would laugh and say ‘it’s ridiculous to categorize people or jobs as one being smart and the other being less.

It’s all relative, some jobs take more skills, more passion, but if all are making a positive contribution to the common good and understanding how it all works, they all are smart for doing so.

My view is, too many take arrogance and pretentiousness as being “intellectual”, I have witnessed this over the past 10 years or so. It seems to me , anyway, that ego, and asserting ones position is always correct, is on the rise, generally. Humility, civility and admitting mistakes are becoming a thing of the past. But, I’m old…what do I know?

The Nobel prize itself is a marker of human achievement. Something that says, “On this date, this human achieved X” It’s a record that should be important to remember for all human history on into the future.”

To believe this, by accepting the premise , shows how effective the “smoke and mirrors” are. The very fact that the Nobel or any international award is ‘marketed” to the global society as “important’ or some milestone in “human achievement”, IS what Feynman found so humorous. In effect, he was saying it was nothing but a small, powerful group of ‘elites’ patting themselves on the back, by awarding one of their own. Himself included. He knew in detail, what a joke this highly marketed ” importance’ and ” respected” award was. As well as many more, so called “historical”, long accepted as truth ‘events” were. Nothing, the general public has ever witnessed, today, or as far back as anyone cares to go, comes close to the reality within the “elite” world, nothing

Obama receiving a “peace nobel”, was just more proof Feynman was 100% correct. It was all part of the “smoke and mirrors”, and a joke, posing as “credible”, or “noteworthy”. Feynman knew exactly, how this global game of deception was played, because he spent most of his life within the game, plus he was far brighter and quicker thinking than those attempting to fool him. He held true to his “secrets oath”, with the highest security clearances issued, never revealing the hush, hush parts of his work. But he revealed a ton of info. for anyone being able to read between the lines of what he was saying.

” The celebrity thinkers that everyone knows…” I have my list of “celebrity thinkers”, not that I disagree with them entirely, just their constant public marketing of “establishment’ science agenda’s…gets a bit stale, at times. One begins to wonder if they are such great thinkers, as they present themselves to be, preaching the same old “inside the box” themes, they present?

None speak about the cost, only the “discoveries”. None speak of who, in the real world, benefits from the staggering cost associated with the search for these new “discoveries”. I find this a bit dishonest and deceptive. It’s a fact, a majority of the private, for profit contractors that built and maintain the LHC, NASA, for decades, as well as military contracts, are all the same companies. Over time, these companies have profited in the billions and billions of dollars, could be trillions. Where is the public’s share of those profits? The public funded all these projects thought tax dollars, yet never profits from it’s investment.

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